Spells to breakup a couple can come back to you

I, spellcaster Maxim https://spellshelp.com/articles/love_magic/everything-you-need-to-know-about-a-break-up-a-relationship-spell/ , would like to start this article by saying that all to breakup a couple are black magic. It means that like all black magic spells, they’re able to come back to and be put on the spell caster. Below are some of the most common karma effects of black magic spells:

- Loneliness;
- Hatred;
- Absence of love;
- Fights;
- Breakup;
- Sexual dissatisfaction;
- Cheating.
Spells to breakup a coupleDon’t think you’ll be able to protect yourself against magic retribution (it’s what the effects of a black magic spell that returns to the spell caster are called). Don’t think you’ll be an exception to the rule and you’ll be fine. About 90% of black magic spells end up returning to the spell caster, which means that 90 out of 100 readers who try to cast one of the break up coupe spells are guaranteed to get hurt.
But there are reasons why black magic spells result in magic retribution. I, spellcaster Maxim, will list them below. I hope you will read this article carefully and until the end to avoid putting yourself at risk. For your information, people reach out to me complaining of side effects of their black magiс spells about once a week. When I ask them what happened, they say they tried to put a black magic spell on someone but somehow put it on themselves. They try to remove it, but they can’t, so they have to ask me for help.

When casting break up couple spells is not allowed

Rule number one – never cast spells to get revenge or to make someone suffer. There are many reasons why you may have hard feelings towards someone. For example, you’re upset with your girlfriend who shows off her new boyfriend knowing that you’ve been trying to find love for years but unsuccessfully; you envy someone’s perfect relationship; you want to get revenge on your colleague for setting you up. When you cast any of the break up couple spells driven by hard feelings, the spell is sure to end up on you, because Higher Powers always protect innocent people and people who haven’t done anything wrong.
Rule number two – never cast spells without thinking it through. Generally it takes up to 7 days to understand if it’s worth breaking up a couple using black magic. Like I said, if you have any hard feelings which you may not even be aware of, they will probably go away in 7 days and you won’t feel as angry, jealous or upset anymore. So give yourself some time to cool off to make the right decision.
Rule number three – beginning magic practitioners shouldn’t try to cast spells if the couple isn’t ready to break up. Use black magic only if the couple is already on the verge of breaking up. If the partners still love each other, your spell is likely to fail. You’ll start experiencing side-effects of your spell once you even start thinking about it.
Rule number four – don’t put spells on couples protected by professional magic practitioners. It’s no secret that, for example, my amulets and charms protect hundreds of couples worldwide. Anyone who tries to cast spells on them gets hurt. Also note that the damage caused by the spell to you will be significantly greater than the damage you were going to cause to the couple.
Rule number five – don’t cast spells unless you feel strong enough to perform the ritual. If you’re depressed and fatigued, it means your energy levels are low and too weak to put a spell on anyone.
Rule number six – spells should never be cast by people with mental and psychological disorders.
Rule number seven – don’t cast spells following someone’s request. After a couple of successful spells, you may come to believe you have some magic abilities and start offering your help to others without understanding the risk you’re taking. For example, if your client uses your services to get back at someone, you’ll be the one to pay for the pain caused to the target. This rule applies to all spells to breakup a couple.

Break a couple up spell  Who you shouldn’t put a break a couple up spell on

As you understand, you shouldn’t put a break a couple up spell on people protected by professional love magic. However, there are more people in this high-risk group. When you try to put a love spell on any of these people, you’re automatically moved into this high-risk group. There are multiple restrictions applying to beginning magic practitioners and you have to know them by heart.
To begin with, spells must never be put on pregnant women because they’re protected by Higher Powers. If the mother does evil or hates the father of the baby or if she hates the baby for some reason, her protective shield isn’t as strong, yet you’re still not strong enough to break it through.
Never cast a break a couple up spell on couples with children. Even if the partners don’t love each other and want to get separated or divorced, Higher Powers still prioritize the children’s well-being, so they will prevent anyone from taking one of the parents away from the children. So they’re sure to send the spell back onto you.
Don’t cast black magic spells on good people. Black magic can influence only people radiating black energies, while people radiating light energies are invisible to it. As a result, your black magic spell will fail to find its target and have no other choice but to come back to you.
However, notwithstanding the above, you can always contact a professional magic practitioner like me, spellcaster Maxim, and I’ll review your order closely and do everything in my power to help you.